Holistic Infusion

The first non-acid peel in the skincare industry that creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as significant stimulation in collagen production. Instead of wounding the skin, Facial Infusion gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding the dermis to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any Fitzpatrick and every skin condition. Recommended for all skin types.

Revita Pen

Micro-channels are created in the skin driving active ingredients deep into the surface layers to deliver instant results.


A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin’s youthful appearance. This is a great peel alternative for aging, photo-damaged or environmentally damaged skin.

Oxygen Rx

Can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant results to reduce redness.


This enhancement can be added on to any facial treatment. Dermaplaning helps remove dead skin and the unwanted villus hair from the face.  Dermaplaning is not recommended for acne or rosacea skin types.

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa